How Commenda ensures seamless global compliance with a Unified Accounting API


3 months

saved from building integrations in-house

2 full-time employees

redirected to core product development.

Over $10k*

saved from building integrations in-house. *This estimate is based on interview responses using our Cost Calculator.


Market expansion & compliance automation platform
Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books
Data Models
Bank Transactions, Invoices, Invoice Payments, Customers

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Commenda is changing the way companies expand and operate overseas. Their comprehensive, easy-to-use platform helps cross-border companies of all sizes monitor and remediate their compliance needs in most markets around the globe.

“We’ve built a platform for market expansion and ongoing compliance for startups, SMEs, and multinationals. These projects are extensive in time and money, and extremely necessary when businesses expand,” explains Yaacov Tarko, CTO of Commenda.


Commenda sought to integrate with their customers' accounting software to automate and streamline accounting and compliance processes.

They needed to pull information from their customers’ preferred accounting platforms and share it with their accountants, who process their customers’ filings.

"Without this feature, our accountants had to work directly with our customers, which was outside our app and didn't give us visibility into the data."

- Yaacov Tarko, CTO

With accounting integrations, Tarko knew Commenda could automate US sales tax filing based on transactions and enable computer-assisted data cleaning for their accountants. But there was a problem- they didn’t have the bandwidth to build accounting integrations in-house. If Commenda didn't partner with Integration Labs, they “probably wouldn't have built them all.”


Upon discovering Integration Labs’ Unified Accounting API, Commenda found the perfect fit for their needs.

“We were just really excited that someone was building exactly the thing we needed at exactly the time we needed it,” Tarko recalls about their initial discovery of Integration Labs.

Despite encountering some initial challenges, Commenda saved significant time and resources. “The bottlenecks were getting the workflow right in our product, not Integration Labs,” Tarko explained. Commenda was able to redirect the resources of 2 full-time employees from building integrations.

“If we had tried to build exactly the same solution, it would have taken 2-3 months longer. We probably would have picked a different and worse product approach to save time.”

- Yaacov Tarko, CTO

Overall, Tarko would rate the development process an 8/10. “We found bugs and missing features, but they were fixed really quickly. The Slack channel support is great, and the turnaround times are excellent,” Tarko praises the support received.

A stand-out feature for Commenda was Integration Labs’ ad-hoc manual sync via API. “Surprisingly not all Unified API providers offer it!”


"We were able to prototype really quickly and ship products fast—we noticed this immediately,"

- Yaacov Tarko, CTO

The collaboration with Integration Labs brought immediate improvements. “We were able to prototype really quickly and ship products fast—we noticed this immediately,” Tarko notes on the speed of development post-integration.

While financial impacts are still being assessed, Tarko is optimistic: "The features we shipped with Integration Labs work really well in sales demos. I don't think we've closed any huge contracts yet, but they are in the pipeline.”

Furthermore, the ability to customize Integration Labs' solutions to specific needs has been invaluable. “We needed to query invoices indexed by country and state, so we built a local cache of data pulled via Integration Labs that we keep up to date with every sync,” Tarko elaborates on the innovative approaches taken to maximize the benefits of Integration Labs' APIs.

Tarko is excited about the future of Commenda and Integration Labs, “We are planning to adopt things like marketplace integrations over time.”

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