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for modern fintech companies.

Test, launch and scale the integrations your customers demand up to 10x faster. Add dozens of integrations to your product using a single API.

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One API for dozens of integrations

Launch global accounting, payments and ecommerce integrations via a single API.

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Say Hello to Efficiency

Unlock a range of benefits with our Unified API.

Expand to Global Markets

Unlock new markets in India, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa


Deploy 10x Faster

Accelerate your go-to-market with product integrations built for scale.

24/7 Support

We’ve got your back, anytime. Expert support via live chat, email and Slack.

No Sales Calls, Just Savings

Transparent pricing and tangible savings, so you can go-live without speaking to sales.

Use cases

What will you build with product integrations?

Leverage our Unified API to automate accounting, underwrite credit risk, process billing and subscriptions, generate business insights, and more.

Unified platform

Common data format for every integration

Don’t fret over mapping data formats and handling API nuances.

Read and write data in a standardised format to any third-party platform.


Two-Way Sync

Read and write data in a standard format for every underlying third-party platform.

Normalized Data

Plug into well-structured data without being an expert in every third-party API.

Unified API Calls

Build using one set of API calls, and forget the API quirks of each underlying platform.

built by us, designed by you

Fast-track customer authentication

Offer frictionless data authorization with a secure URL or white-label drop-in component that lives within your product.

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Invite Link

Allow customers to authorize data access via any browser with our Invite Link, a convenient and secure URL.

Embedded SDK

Design a customized look and feel with a drop-in authorization component that lives within your product.

API Credentials

Securely store your customers' API credentials with enterprise-grade security protocols.

full customizability

Have unique data needs?

Sync the data you need exactly when you need it. Gain complete control over raw data and custom API calls while making Integration Labs your authentication layer.


Historical & Raw Data

Access historical and underlying data in the original format we received it with Raw Data.

Custom API Calls

Interact with any third-party API endpoint using authenticated Passthrough Requests.

Real-time Data

Instantly fetch real-time data on a single or multiple data models with our Real-Time APIs.

an end-to-end solution

Minimise integration maintenance

Our Dashboard gives you control over logs, issue detection, and configurations— everything you need to manage integrations in one place.

Offload maintenance

Offload integration maintenance caused by API updates from underlying platforms to us.

Fully configurable

Configure sync settings, including data fields, sync frequency and level of access.

Webhook notifications

Get notified about data syncs and changes to ensure your systems remain up-to-date.


Built for everyone.

Expand your reach by leveraging global accounting, e-commerce, and payments platforms via a single integration.


Streamline workflows, save time and resources on build and maintenance, and ensure your integrations can scale with ease.

Save Valuable Time

Don’t waste time building integrations- launch with 24*7 support.

Reduce Frustrations

Skip maintenance-induced headaches from errors, bugs, API updates, or rate limits.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Leverage API infrastructure with built-in enterprise-grade security.


Drive growth, increase your TAM, increase operational efficiency and beat competition while strengthening your bottom line.

Expand Your TAM

Attract new customer segments with region-specific integrations that expand your TAM.

Increase Profitability

Redirect developer resources and grow contract value with scalable integrations.

Outpace Competitors

Stay ahead of the curve by launching additional integrations at the click of a button.

Product Leaders

Leverage RootFi’s Unified API to accelerate your roadmap, overcome engineering constraints, and boost product appeal.

Rapid Integration

Quickly integrate with over 15 platforms using RootFi's expert support to achieve goals faster.

Engineering Flexibility

Overcome development limitations, and focus on core products to surpass competitors.

Enhanced Engagement

Attract a broader audience, improve user experience, and increase product loyalty.

Go-To-Market Teams

Win opportunities, close deals quicker and accelerate market dominance with an ever-expanding range of integrations.

Close Deals Faster

Say “yes” to any prospect’s integration requests with confidence and shorten sales cycles.

Rapid Deployment

Enable additional integrations in minutes, not months to enhance market appeal.

Win Customer Loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction and retention and make your product irreplaceable.

Should you use a Unified API?

We can help you determine if a Unified API is the right fit for your use case.

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“Integration Labs has shortened the development cycle and reduced our time-to-market significantly.”

Shiva Shankar SV

“Integration Labs abstracts away all the complexities in integrating with different accounting solutions.”

Hari Narayanan
Software Engineer

We were able to prototype really quickly and ship products fast—we noticed this immediately.

Yaacov Tarko
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Enterprise-Grade Security

We are committed to maintaining the highest privacy, security and compliance standards so you can have peace of mind.

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Store data in the US, India, Europe or Saudi Arabia— based on customer and regulatory needs.


Integration Labs is ISO:27001:2013 certified, and SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant.


We encrypt data at rest and in transit, ensuring your customers’ data remains private.

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